Free ABQ Images

A collection of digital images that seeks to capture the vibrancy and diversity of Albuquerque’s people, culture and economy. Available to anyone, for free! Check back often as new images will be added frequently.

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Free ABQ Images

This digital collection of free visual content has been made possible through a public/private partnership between the City of Albuquerque, Marble Street Studio and local businesses and organizations. Its primary purpose is to provide high quality visual content to anyone who is interested in promoting economic development in Albuquerque.

You can use these images and video clips for your own business, web site, advertising campaigns, social media, designs, print campaigns, billboards, and just about anything else you can think of.



Q: "Is everything on really available for free?

Yes, everything on really is available for free! There is no catch!

Q: "Why do I have to register to see and access the images?"

Registering allows us to better track metrics on downloads. We believe this is especially important since this project is partially funded with public dollars. We will never sell, give away, or otherwise distribute your information.

Q: "Will there be more content added to this project?"

Yes. New content will regularly be added to both the stills and video libraries.

Q: "What formats are available to download?"

High resolution jpegs for the stills, and HD 1080p mp4 on the video and timelapse clips.

Q: "Why don't most of the video clips have sound?"

The video and timelapse clips are primarily intended to be used in productions with narration and/or music, so most have no sound.

Q: "How was this project developed?"

The partners at Marble Street Studio believed that this type of visual collection could be a very powerful economic development tool. They applied for Local Economic Development Assistance funds from the City of Albuquerque. After a thorough analysis of the project, the Albuquerque City Council awarded the contract to Marble Street in October 2016. Marble Street raised matching funds to complete the project from generous local businesses and organizations.